fredag den 29. januar 2010


Thank you very much you stupid computer I just spend 100$ on DVD's.
This blogging seems to be way more expensive than I expected. People everywhere is ranting about some movie you just have to see and at the same time they are telling you where to get it. That sucks I have no money but still I couldn't stay away from and now 14 Hindi movies are coming my way.
At least it will be proper DVD's and not some dubious DVD bought on the street in India, just to find out that the subtitles are half of what they should be and that they are 2minutes behind the movie.
But still, it is nice to buy a DVD for less than 1$ and hope, pray and look forward to seeing it in the cold winter months when back from vacationing. Man Do I look forward to spending another garam garam summer in India.
Speaking of summer holiday- Where should I go this time? Duh India of course but where?

torsdag den 28. januar 2010

My top five moments

My favorite Hindi movies are the ones that are sweet, cute and has a happy ending. The ones where the hero/heroine goes through hell and back but still gets to live happily ever after. Hence my top five moments are from these kind of feel good movies.
My top five moments are as follows, but not in any ranking order:

-Juhi talking Telegu (I think it's Telegu but I'm not sure) to Amir Khan in "Hum hain rahi pyaar ke". Cute and sweet and what can brighten up your day more than seeing Juhi happy.

-Ishaan winning the drawing competition in "Taare zameen par". Nothing tugs harder in a teachers hart than those kind of feel good moment when kids are accepted and rewarded for who they are.
I didn't want two moments from the same movie and this moment was competing hard with the moment where Amir was making the ignorant father read Japanese.

-Amrish Puri burning to death in "Koyla". Nothing gives greater satisfaction than seeing the bad guy getting what he deserves.

-DDLJ has to be in with the top five moments, but I'm not sure what moment to put on the list.
Maybe the meeting in the Punjabi field or any time srk says "bade bade shero me chhoti chhoti baate hoti rehti hai".

-Rani going cross eyed when Hrithik drops sindoor on her head in "mujhse dosti karoge". It's just one of those romantic moments that makes you go all warm and fuzzy inside.

Hindi movies in my house

After procrastinating doing nothing but surfing around staring at other peoples blogs, I have found out that I'm not as well versed in Bollywood movies as I would like to. There is a very sad explanation for this; Nothing but the very latest is available in this Hindi backwards country of mine. I have to drive far and long to even find a shop (thank you my Paki grocer friend) that has any movies and I haven't really found any recomendations for good oldies or niche productions to buy online,.
So my collection may be big in numbers but not very versatile it consist more or less of anything made in the past five years with headline names.
Many thanks to the Bolly-Tolly-Sandal-Kollywood fans that blog, now I know where to go, to get info and where to buy.

onsdag den 27. januar 2010

All izz well...

Sometimes being sick is not half bad. Staying in bed with a ton of Hindi movies is very conducive to ones health, especially when you got "3 idiots".

That is the best movie ever, or at least the best until Amir Khan hits another home run. First he made "Taare zameen par" and then a super sort of sequel. First a kid then semi-grown college guys are pressured to be top rankers.
"Life is not a pressure cooker"

On a more personal note; Main bahut intelligent hoon, kyunki I have seen yet another movie without subtitles and I got it, not every single word, but the movie as a whole. Hurra for me!
Btw (save thougth for later) I think I have decided what to use my blog for. This is me talking to me about all things irrelevant that no one else wants to talk about. And it will probably be mainly hindi related stuff. And on that thought I would just like to mention that I have never seen a weirder birth, didn't know you could a use a vacuum cleaner like that.

Saved thought: Is "btw" something I really want to use in my blog? Am I too old for using such a fancy abbreviation, I mean my first "computer" was a typewriter that didn't even ran on electricity. Do I like using it or does it just feel wrong???......

I don't think I like it. The state has spend a fortune getting me educated and the least I can do is to try to use proper English.


Im still learning.
everyday I'm getting smarter:) But I really am curious as to how i put smaller pictures in my banner head. I tried but the picture was way to big. I also want to know how to have a background behind the txt page.
Gonna go into space and find some random person and ask.
how come I can't left align the stupid txt and what's with the large space between lines.


Couldn't find 3 idiots so I found Kaminey. Very nice Shahid is a big boy now!

tirsdag den 26. januar 2010

Now what?

What is my plan? Should I have a plan? Normally I don't do plans, unless planning ahead means buying air tickets when they are cheap.
Maybe I should just let it come naturally, but isn't that sort of a plan anyway?

Never mind, these are the random ramblings of someone close to average.

I now have a blog. Should it be just me doing me stuff on it or am I interested in other people reading it?
If I want others to read it I should write something clever or at least interesting in it. And if so can I live with the responsibility of having to be that? I don't have plants in my home because the responsibility of it, is to much for me to handle I run away from life a couple of months a year because dealing with life is hard, you have to do stuff you don't want to.
I think this blog is for me because then I don't have to worry about screwing up the Angrezi language or putting in commas. I really don't like commas maybe I should write a post on how much I dislike them?
I don't suffer from Alzheimer, so why would I want to write down whatever I'm thinking, when it's easier to file thoughts in the miscellaneous box in my head? I'll get back with an answer -If I find one!

I'm gonna go and find 3 idiots online

blog kya hai?

Getting a Blog was one of those midnight cant sleep what to do kind of things. Got one but didn't know what to do with it and didn't know what other people did with theirs.
I surfed and I think I found out. As far as I have figured out, in less than three hours while watching "lago raho munna bhai", is that there are 3 kinds of bloggers. And yes if I bothered spending another millennium reading I would probably stand corrected, but this is my blog and I can be ignorant if I want to.
1. Those who keep in touch with family and think that their baby/dog/knitting is the
eighth wonder of the world.
Me I don't have either baby, dog or knitting needles. And my family I phone and visit to keep them and me up to-date with my quite average life.
2. Those who pour their hart and souls out with various successful attempts of being creative in the area of the written word.
Again that is not me, and I would wish "those people" be put in a box so I don't come across them when I procrastinate (thank who ever for the spell-tjek).
3. People who want to share idiotic tidbit about stupid little inconsequential things that real life
folk couldn't care less about.
That's me. I like Bollywood and no living person around me share that quirky hobby of mine. But here I have found like minded people. People who don't mind sharing opinions on who's abs are better - srk in oso or Sallu in every movie he makes!
(in case your wondering I would wote for srk any day, Sallu is just not my cup of chai).

Me add pics now

Climbing a mountain in Nepal.
I can now add pics.
I'm not stupid (if I keep telling myself this eventually I will believe)

how the he......

I thought I was computer litterate, now I'm not so sure!
People are way to pc creative when it comes to layout and all I know is to write a new post:(
I will learn!!!!!!!
Customize, personalize, add pics and just general layout and all I got figured out is to use some damn pre set layout.
And it is even harder to learn with one eye fixed on the telly (socha na tha is on max), but I got through school with eyes on the tellly and I fared ok, so I will learn this as well.

All izz wellllllllll.

new to this

I will learn, even if I should sleep!!
many thanks to "Music Freak (MF)"