torsdag den 1. april 2010


There are not many things in this world I hate and there almost nothing I hate about hindi cinema - But there is one thing.

In Bollywood there is a lot of forgiveness due to tradition and respect of elders. Your mother in law tries to poison you but to ensure a happy ending, she is forgiven (Beta). It's far from my reality but I accept it with a smile because it is Bollywood.

A thing I hate and have witnessed at least twice, is so very wrong that it makes me scream, cringe and curse the damn filmmakers, are the very alternative punishment for rape.

In Hamare dil aapke paas hai Ash is raped and the rapist's family and her family arrange for them to marry.
The rapist agree because it gets him out of jail and her family agrees because her Chastity is gone and therefore there is no hope of another offer.
Thank God for Anil Kapoor and his love for long rantings about social and gender injustice. He comes and saves Ash from the barnyard idiot rapist.

The other film I have seen this in is a Mithun Chakraborty movie (can't remember the title). Where he is falsely accused of raping his brother in law's sister. She is in a coma and can't clear his name but the truth comes out in the end and she wakes up. The whole family is gathered and they decide that the rapist's punishment should be marrying the girl.

I know values and tradition is very different in India but this is just so wrong!!!

By the way did you know that the last official Funeral-Sita burning was in 1987 in Rajahstan and it was revered by the onlookers as something great and holy.