mandag den 1. marts 2010

Standing on a box

In Hyde park there is a corner reserved for people who wants to speak. They stand on a soapbox and share whatever they are passionate about and I guess B-Town has adopted that idea (or maybe it's vice versa-don't know who came first).
I have never really noticed it before but the shorter of the females in Bollywood has a tendency to stand on a box when they are passionate about something - usually a guy!
I first really noticed this in AAja Nachle because the "ups and downs" of Konkona are so obvious.
Can't dance on a box
But you can be passionate

I must have seen it before because there has been a lot written about how Rani and Abhi is not a good on screen couple due to height difference. I think I need to watch Bunty aur Babli, yuva and Laga chuneri mein daag again. Now that's an awesome excuse to re-watch favorites - as if I needed one!

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  1. I have one word for people who dismiss Rani and Abhi as an on-screen couple: BAH! I admit they look a bit funny but I mostly don't notice it because they're so good together AS PERFORMERS :)

    Please help my fragile brain: what language are your settings in? I know enough German to know it's not that....

  2. I'm very close to Germany infact I'm on top of it. I'm on an island to the west of Sweden called Zealand or sjælland in my native tounge:)