mandag den 1. marts 2010

Mera movies

I have been on a Bollywood trip this past week revisiting my favorite movies. So now I have movies flooding my floor and table, basically my living room looks like a disaster area.
I need a new filing system for my +300Bwood movies. I decided long ago to take the DVDs out of their cassettes just to make it less obvious to visitors that I have an addiction. It doesn't look healthy when you have rows and rows of DVDs in the bookshelf instead of books, which were confined to stacks under my bed.

More than 200 movies ago I decided to organize my addiction in binders so I bought two holding each 50 movies. But now the many binders are inadequate. Should I just accept that I'm spending to much and probably will continue spending to much on DVDs and buy a giant mega case with a capacity of 900 or should I live in denial and buy another binder?

I feel like I have just woken up in a whore house with a needle sticking out of my arm and realising that I have hit rock bottom. It is time to either get help or accept that I'm an addict for life, knowing that an addiction is going to severely damage what otherwise could be an average healthy life.
My friends and family already think I'm off the deep end and this blogging isn't really helping at all, I keep being introduced to new must see movies. Every time I turn on my computer there is drug dealer ready to drag me back to LaLa land.

While writing I'm watching Kaho naa pyar hai. There has just been an APB for Amisha on tv. They are looking for a girl with long black hair and brown eyes.... LOL!!!!

Hello my name is Marianne and I'm an addict....

Of course I'm going to buy a giant mega case. The question now is how am I going to arrange the DVDs in that case. Year, name, actor, actress, favorite or ..... Well I will cross that bridge when I get to it!

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  1. Mine are spread out across a bookshelf, a giant picnic hamper, another open basket, and a stack on the floor. Despite my library training, I cannot recommend a workable system, clearly :)