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Good boy bad boy.

Other bloggers have been blogging about good guys versus bad guys and most of seem to be in favor of the good one. I don’t mind the good ones but when it comes to movies the bad guys just seem more interesting, they are sort of more complete in their range of emotions. You know that whole “even if I am bad I’m nice to the ones I love” where as the good guy he’s just sort of dull….

The good guy characters I really don’t like are Anil in Beta, Nana Patekar in Yugpurush and big B in Sooryavansham. The bad guys I like are Sallu in wanted and John Abraham in Karam.
There are of course bad guys I don’t like as well. Amrish Puri is a great actor and he is a great villain but you can’t really find any positive sides to him, he is just good at being evil in nearly all of his movies.
What bugs me about the oh so good guys is that the women they act against are so very motherly in their love towards them and that kind of creeps me out.

In Beta Anil plays a “man” who is absolutely blind when it comes to his stepmother and his wife has to work against maa behind his back-to weak! In Yugpurush Nana has just been released after 25 years in a mental asylum but he still has fits of insanity but in spite of that the two main actresses both fall for his nauseating kind hart. When it comes to Amit in sooryavansham there are some redeeming qualities, after his marriage the whole “love of a good woman” thing makes him grow up and become a man. But there is a scene in that movie where he, a 55 year- old man (he plays younger), are being fed by his mother and it isn’t one of those bless you pooja kinds of feedings, it’s a whole meal- because mummy loves her big boy!!

The instant I think bad guy and Bwood I think of srk in Don. But I don’t think you can use him as an example of a bad guy, because he is SRK the definition of HOT.

Even when he’s totally insane (Darr) or evil (Don) he is just quality bedroom fantasy fabulous ...

In wanted Sallu is on a mission to kill bad guys and save the damsel in distress. And his “I’m gonna kill everyone in spite of the law” attitude is kind of attractive-and I don’t even like Sallu! Gotta admit I found the movie more of a comedy than an action drama mainly due to the toothpaste romance and the burning the shirt of his body scenes.
In Karam John plays a hit man who suddenly develops a conscience being all improved because of his pregnant wife. The appeal is obvious… right?

So good versus bad – When it comes to movies I go for the bad guy but not too bad, just bad enough to be interesting:)

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