onsdag den 24. februar 2010

six degrees of separation.

In Parineeta Vidya puts a gold chain around Saif's neck and boom they are married, in Mujhse dosti karoge Hritik drops sindoor on Rani and dhoom like music starts and in Hadh kar di aapne Govinda starts a fire walks around it with Rani and oops they are married.

And since it is so easy to get married in the eyes of Bhagvan how do they cope with all these marriages in real life? Bollywood must be the the most polygamist "sect" in the world:)
It gave me the idea of making a giant "six degrees of separation" map kindly inspired by The L word. But I also realized that I'm to busy/lazy to do so - No blog homework for me thank you!

India (in theory-bjp: damn the orange extremists of that group) welcomes all religions there is law making concerning each faith. The one particular law I'm thinking about is the one that allowed Dharmendra and Hema to get married.
D was/is a Hindu and a married one at that, he fell in love with Hema, wanted to get a divorce and marry her but his wife wouldn't divorce him. His solution was to become a Muslim and marry Hema anyway because according to Indian law Hindus can have one wife but Muslims can have four. Interesting concept na?

But how do they deal with on screen marriages? don't they care about the easiness with witch they can get married, are they secularised in their thinking or do they say a couple of sorry mantras and hence annul the marriages?

I have no solution, I'm just thinking out loud!

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